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Many people absolutely swear by hazelwood jewelry to cure many things, including eczema, indigestion, diaper rash, and more. Hazelwood jewelry is stylish, kids adore them, and its one of the easier natural eczema remedies to try (The hardest? We’d say, nasty tasting fish oil!! Yuck!).

How does it work?

A common eczema trigger is an imbalance in the body's acidity. The hazel tree is an alkaline wood, so when placed next to the skin, hazelwood will naturally oxidize, thus reducing the overall acidity in the body over time. Hazelwood has also been used by native Canadian Indians for centuries as a natural pain reliever. For best results, wear the hazelwood necklace near the source of the symptoms. If the eczema is the worst on the wrists, buy a larger size necklace and wrap it around the wrists as a bracelet. If the eczema is on the face, wearing it around the neck will provide best results.

Give it a shot. You never know, a hazelwood jewelry could be the one thing that works for your or your child's eczema! 

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