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  • Hazelwood Necklace For Kids (12"-13")
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Hazelwood Necklace For Kids (12"-13")


Product Description

Hazelwood Necklace For Kids (12"-13")

A common eczema trigger is an imbalance in the body's acidity. The hazel tree is an alkaline wood, so when placed next to the skin, hazelwood will naturally oxidize, thus reducing the overall acidity in the body over time. Hazelwood has also been used by native Canadian Indians for centuries as a natural pain reliever. For best results, wear the hazelwood necklace near the source of the symptoms. If the eczema is the worst on the wrists, buy a larger size necklace and wrap it around the wrists as a bracelet. If the eczema is on the face, wearing it around the neck will provide best results.

  • Great for soothing pain related with eczema, teething, indigestion and diaper rash.
  • Wear continuously for best results. It may take up to several weeks for symptoms to lessen.
  • Water resistant, but not waterpoof. Best to avoid chlorine which will shorten the jewelry's lifespan.
  • Safe for ages four months and up.
  • Lead Free.
  • Made in Canada.

Sizing Guide

Cut a piece of string to 12" or 13” and hold it loosely around the child’s neck to determine the right size. You should only be able to slip your two fingers between the necklace and your baby’s neck. The necklace should not be long enough for your baby to bring the necklace to his/her mouth. It’s too long if it can slip over the child’s chin.

Need a larger size? Taking a look at our other sizes here.


When to Replace


When the wood begins to darken, especially on the sides of the beads, it's time to replace the hazelwood jewelry as its effectiveness will begin to lessen.




Consult your physician before using this product if you have a tree nut allergy. For nickel and other metal allergies, try covering the clasp with a couple of coats of clear nail polish.


WARNING: Children under three-years-old should not wear the necklace without parental supervision. Do not let children put the necklace in their mouth.

Product Reviews

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  1. Nice necklace, not a cure

    Posted by Dana Metzger on Jun292014

    This necklace looked super cute on my preschooler, in a little surfer dude kind of way, but unfortunately we noticed no effect on the eczema. He wore it continuously until the wood started flaking off, so in that time frame we were hoping to see some results. Bummer, but at least it was cute. :)

  2. Try it!

    Posted by Amanda T on Apr282014

    I was hesitant to think that this necklace would actually do anything. My 17 month old son was getting eczema around his neck so thought I would try. He would not let me get lotion on his neck so we have been wearing the necklace a month now. It is actually healing on its own! I was surprised, but will order another when it is time!

  3. It Works!! Plus, it's really cute even on my son! :)

    Posted by Sarh on Dec262013

    My son has moderate eczema and since we got this necklace it has been helping to lessen his flare ups and his skin looks clearer. He just turned two years old and has not tugged on the necklace at all, the light weight of the necklace is perfect for toddlers as it will not bother them. Plus, he loves the attention when people compliment him on his cute necklace.

  4. It really works!

    Posted by Cindy on Aug272013

    My son has been suffering from eczema since he was 3.5 months old (He's now almost 19 months.) I heard about amber necklaces for teething but only recently been told about Hazelwood necklaces for eczema. I decided to order this one from here a couple of weeks ago and had noticed a difference almost right away. He was scratching so much less and his skin felt so much softer, with less redness & eczema patches. It truly is a miracle. I HIGHLY recommend this necklace if your child is constantly itchy & scratchy from their eczema.

  5. Just what we needed!!!

    Posted by Kristy Yillik on Jul182013

    My daughter has suffered in the past with eczema but thanks to lots of dietary and lifestyle changes and to her wearing her hazel wood necklace, she has finally found relief.

    We eat almost entirely organic and very little dairy. I make my own borax free detergents and buy gentle shampoos and sunscreen (which I try not to use that often). These things helped tremendously to avoid bleeding, but she still had occasional itching.

    Then someone told me about the hazel wood necklace. It was a instant game changer. While my daughter has occasional itching now, she can enjoy the occasional piece of cake at a birthday party, or order meal with cheese in a restaurant and I do not have the fear that she will have a flare up.

    I can always tell when it is time for a new necklace (usually about every 8-9 months), her itching get more frequent and then once she has a new necklace, she is itch free once again!

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