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April 13, 2016

Manuka Honey Skin Cream clears up one little boy's eczema over at Beauty Brite. Check it out!


March 25, 2016

Top Eczema Treatments discusses the benefits of Manuka Honey for eczema and lists our Manuka Honey Skin Cream as her top recommendation!


March 24, 2016

Ashley of Itchin Since 78' is thrilled about discovering our Bamboo Gloves and Emily's Skin Soothing Soap.


February 24, 2017

Emily's Hot Skin Soother healed The Allergista's itchy, red contact dermatitis. Read the gushing review HERE.


January 16, 2106

Jubilee Health interviews owner, Jennifer Roberge, about how she healed her son's severe eczema. Listen to her tips HERE.



January 13, 2016

Owner Jennifer Roberge shares her 6 Steps for Keeping Your Family's Skin Soft All Winter with MommyNearest.


January 4, 2016

Mommy Greenest's Rachel Sarnoff, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World, gives The Eczema Company her top approval in this review


December 16, 2015

The Allergista reviews our Emily's Baby & Adult Skin Soother and loves it for dry eczema.


November 27, 2015

Owner Jennifer Roberge speaks about Eczema for National Awarness Month on CKUT's Friday Morning After. Listen to the clip HERE



November 22, 2015

Two reviews from Mama Holistica - en Espanol! WrapESoothe sleeves AND Emily's Adult & Baby Skin Soother.



November 20, 2015

Owner, Jennifer Roberge, interviews with Caitie of Natualla Beauty



November 11, 2015

The Smitten Word heals her peeling elbows with our Manuka Honey Skin Cream.



November 7, 2015

Heather of MomMomOnTheGo finally found an eczema-safe laundry solution for your daughter with the SmartKlean Laundry Ball.


November 6, 2015

Emily Skin Soothers are the go-to product for eczema for Sarah of Nature's Nurture



October 28, 2015

News Release: New Kids Song Offers Different Kind of Eczema Treatment


October 25, 2015

Sarah Ballatyne, Ph.D., aka The Paleo Mom, loves our Manuka Honey Skin Cream!



October 19, 2015

Mama Holistica tries out our Emily's Baby & Adult Skin Soother - in Spanish!



October 7, 2015

It's a Lovely Life shares her tips for keeping her daughter comfortable with eczema and it includes our Manuka Honey Skin Cream.



September 16, 2015

The Flawless Program loves natural eczema treatments! Check out her recommendations from The Eczema Company.



September 13, 2015

Prime Physique Nutrition likes using our Manuka Honey Skin Cream as an ultra rich skin soothing barrier. 



July 23, 2015

Inquisitive Mom reviews our Manuka Honey Skin Cream (her daughter loves it!) and the allergy friendly SmartKlean Laundry Ball.



July 8, 2015

Owner, Jennifer Roberge, shares her story with Allergic Living Magazine about battling her son's eczema and how this health condition fueled her passion to help others by starting The Eczema Company.



April 7, 2015

Prime Physique Nutrition trys our soft, cuddly and protective pjs for adults.



March 23, 2015

Our Bamboo Eczema gloves for adults and children made Savvy Mom's Pick of the Week! Read their glowing review here. 



March 4, 2015

Our Baby & Adult Emily Skin Soother and Soap rank as the #1 Health Resource by Carrots for Michaelmas.



February 23, 2015

See The Eczema Company owner, Jennifer Roberge's, perspective on allergist cutbacks in Montreal in this interview with CBC.


February 18, 2015

GreenSceneMom reivews our EczeHerbal Ointments and bamboo eczema gloves and finds relief from dry, winter induced eczema on her hands and body.



January 16, 2015

Check out Naturalla Beauty's top products for winter hand cream. A hint: Manuka Honey Skin Cream is featured!



December 15, 2014

We're featured over at Solve My Space

The Eczema Company featured on Solve My Space


December 12, 2014

Naturalla Beauty adores our top selling Manuka Honey Skin Cream.



November 29, 2014

Prime Physique Nutrition interviews The Eczema Company founder, Jennifer Roberge, about how to implement dietary changes for eczema healing in this podcast.



November 26, 2014

Fit & Fluffy Mama sees quick results for her own weepy eczema with our Lavender Tallow Balm and Bamboo Gloves.

Grass Fed Tallow Balm Review 

August, 11, 2014

The Grateful Foodie loves our Allergex homeopathic spray for seasonal alleriges. It really works!


June, 5, 2014

She loves it! See Jesica's review of our RAW Elements sunblock at Run On Organic.


May 18, 2014

Mama Papa Barn sees results with several of our natural products. Take a look!

Emily's Diaper Soother Review for Eczema and Diaper Rash 

April 23, 2014

After years of eczema struggles, Gena of Captain Fussy Buckets, finally finds dry, itchy skin relief with WrapESoothe tops and bottoms for wet wrap therapy.

WrapESoothe Bottoms are Eczema Treatments for Children


April 16, 2014

Over at Nature's Nurture you'll find a raving review of our Emily's Baby & Adult Skin Soother and Skin Soothing Soap.

Emily's Skin Soothing soap and Baby & Adult Skin Soother for Dry, Itchy Skin


April 1, 2014

The Thifty Housewife struggles with her son's eczema, but found our soap nuts were gentle on his skin, but powerful enough to knock out stains. 


March 1, 2014

So Easy Being Green uses the Emily Baby & Adult Skin Soother to relieve her daughter's eczema.

Emily's Baby & Adult Skin Soother for Dry, Itchy Skin Review


December 26, 2013

Our Hazelwood necklace really works for Mami's 3 Little Monkeys

Hazelwood necklace for children with eczema


October 5, 2013

Sleep coach Bonnie Wright highly recommends the Bamboo Bubby Sleep Sack to help little ones sleep better.


September 2013

The Eczema Company made the top ten Most Awesome Baby & Kids Skin Care Company AND Most Awesome Shopping Sites in the Red Tricycle 2013 Totally Awesome Awards. Thank you for voting for us! We couldn't have made it without your support!


August 18, 2013

Another raving review of our Calendulis Cream, this time from Eczema Excellence.


July 10, 2013

Our Calendulis Cream clears The Allergista's persistent eczema without the use of steroids!


June 13, 2013

The Allergista reviews EczeHerbal ointment and finds it relieves her itchy skin. 

EczeHerbal #1 for Red, Inflamed, Weeping Eczema Review


June 6, 2013

Another great review of our Calendulis Cream, this time from Brittany, the green mom behind The Pistachio Project


May 21, 2013

Eco-Babyz finds the Calendulis Cream completely cured her daughter's eczema flare-up.


May 3, 2013

Family Focus Blog uses our Manuka Honey Skin Cream to heal her son's bumpy rash.

Manuka Honey Skin Cream for Eczema Review


April 23, 2013

See GoumiMitts featured in SavvyMom's Best Baby Shower Gift Guide!

goumimitts are stay-put baby mittens


November 15, 2012

Goumi Mitts praised in Green Gift Guide. (found on pg. 38)

Jennifer's guest article "Avoid the Eczema-Winter Blues with these Natural Cold Weather Tips" (found on pg. 56)

Both in Green Child Magazine's Holiday 2012 Issue.


November 4, 2012

MomMomOnTheGo reviews Calendulis Cream - "It works!"


October 23, 2012

New Eco-Friendly Wet Wrap Therapy Garments from AD RescueWear Available at The Eczema Company Source:


October 4, 2012

The Eczema Company Pledges Donation for National Eczema Awareness Month Source:


August 30, 2012

Dealing with Allergies at School Owner, Jennifer's Interview with the Surburban


August 21, 2012

New Itchy Skin Collection Gives Parents Something to Smile About Source:


Sept. 27, 2011

New Website, The Eczema Company, Makes Children’s Eczema Products Accessible to US & Canada. Source:


Sept. 22, 2011

Mom with Eczema Child sets up online store, The Eczema Company. Source:


May 19, 2011

Scratchmenot: A Brand New PTPA Winner! Source:


May 17, 2011

Scratchmenot & Parent Tested Parent Approved Award (pdf)  Source:


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