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Customer Testimonials


Our customers mean everything to us. So, we're thrilled when we hear positive feedback from you! Here are some of the kind, encouraging words that you've shared with us.

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I have been nothing but very satisfied with every interaction I've had with The Eczema Company. I've found more than one product that I've used as an alternative for steroid ointment and that says A LOT. Not only that, but they've looked into possible hidden ingredients that I need to worry about. I trust The Eczema Company completely, as a result. All in all, The Eczema Company rocks!!

- Jennifer Beckinsale, The Allergista



Ordered gloves and sleeves. Arrived promptly and seems to be already making a difference on my son’s eczema.

- Krystal Sansagraw


I couldn't have dreamed of a better or more efficient healing product than manuka honey cream for my kids' on-and-off eczema flares. Great advice and customer service, shipping goes quickly -- keep up the good work!

- Genevieve Guéritaud


This store is top notch. The products work well (Creams) or are comfy (Clothes) and keeps the eczema at bay.

- Vivian Doan, Vivian Doan Photography


My granddaughter, at only a few months old, developed an incredibly irritating raw and red rash around her mouth, cheeks and eventually down her chin to her chest. Because it seemed due to drooling with teething, it was extremely difficult to control. After what seemed like an eternity (actually being almost a year) and after her parents trying all sorts of natural cures, and then a prescribed steroid cream (which was actually thinning the skin as it will, as well as worsening the eczema---parents PLEASE don't use that route!!), I began to do a bit of research online. When I "literally" stumbled onto The Eczema Company site, I read everything I could. Although the testimonials were almost too good to be true, I figured I just HAD to give my little granddaughter the chance...just in case. WOW, WOW, WOW!! Not only was the product inexpensive to buy, it worked exactly as promised! Although some people found their child cleared up within a week or so, our sweetie started to clear up within about 2-3 weeks, BUT completely cleared around 1 1/2 months! Each time she teethed she would have a flare-up of the rash, on which her mom would put the Emily Cream...and it cleared. I work in a medical clinic and spoke with a young mom of a little guy who was exactly as my granddaughter. (She was there to get something for it!) I shared about our experience, gave her the website, and told her to give it a try. A couple months later she was back for another issue, but for some reason this little guy looked familiar, yet different. I realized it was him and commented on how absolutely CLEAR his face was. Guess what! She beamed and told me she immediately went home and read your testimonials...ordered the cream...and well, his beautiful little healed face told the rest of the story. I am so absolutely blessed with how well your products have worked. I am sold on this! I've shared with SO many people...and only because I believe in you product. I will personally never endorse something if I put my word on the line knowing it won't or might not work. YOUR Emily Cream (and the one for angry rash) I can totally and confidently tell anyone and everyone to try it. It really works! It's an honour to give a rating on this product!!

-Ernest Frechette


My family first learned about the Eczema Company over one year ago and we have been so grateful. The products they offer are wonderful! In addition, the information that they share through their blog is accurate, on point and truly helpful. My son has eczema and has found huge relief from the Manuka Honey that we have purchased from the Eczema Company. Thank you for being such an amazing resource to families!

-Carrie L.


Those of us with Eczema and related conditions, especially in cases like mine where the condition is a result of contact allergies to fragrances and other chemicals common in households, have difficulty finding products safe for our use. We cannot even rely on products marked "fragrance free" as they may use agents designed to mask the fragrances that are always there. The Eczema Company has done the research for us and I have confidence in their products.

- Douglas Laurice


I love the Eczema store since I am able to ask for help. My daughter's eczema is seasonal and changes with her age. I sometimes need help in finding the right stuff. Needless to say, I never have bought an item that did not hit the mark!! I continually cruise the website to make sure I don't miss anything.

-Caroline Moassessi, The Grateful Foodie



I don’t know what I’d do without The Eczema Company and their carefully curated products for both my son and myself. Although we’ve got our eczema mostly under control through diet and supplements, we still get flare ups, especially during the change in seasons. Thank you for giving us the relief we need!

-Sarah Mahmoud

I buy supplies here for both my kids - one with moderate eczema and the other with mild atopic dermatitis. Always shipped quickly, the service is awesome and friendly, the products are "tested and approved" by other eczema sufferers (or parents). It's my go-to place when I need some eczema related stuff :)

-Annie Boisvert, Allergies San Soucis


Excellent resource - helps us during very stressful periods of Eczema whether its a product or feedback from another Mother/Father. Thanks so much!!

- Irvin Johal



I have found a lot of relief for my son's eczema with your products. The wraps and Emily products are working the best to alleviate his symptoms while we determine his dietary triggers. Thank you for reaching out, I'm very happy to have found your company!

-April G.


And thank you for your great products for sensitive skin.  I love that your company is small and the Owner of the company responded to me; a rare thing these days!

-Ellen S. 


Thank you for your website and for offering such quality products.  It's nice to have found it.

-Lisa M. 


It was truly wonderful to talk with you today! You were so knowledgeable about eczema related things that I feel relieved already, just to have found someone who has ideas about how to help.

-Kristin M.


I want to thank you for saving my first son's eczema problems, nothing else worked till we found your site!

-Josh L.






Thank you first of all for your hard work and effort in running the Eczema Company. I think you run a first class business. Your products are terrific. I highly respect that you do your diligence to ensure that your creams, balms, bath & body products have all natural & safe ingredients.  Whenever I've had a question or concern I appreciate that you have responded promptly & kept your promises. 




Thank you for caring about our feed back and for the products your site has made available to us. We have been very happy with the products you carry to help us manage our son's eczema.  Overall we have been very happy with the quality, price and selections you have to offer.  When our cream changed we were informed by email and that spoken volumes to us about your costumer appreciation. 



"I feel extremely blessed that I found your company.  Your products sure have made a difference in our battle with eczema!  Keep it up!  You’re making a difference!"



"Thank you sooooo much for helping me when no one else would! It is refreshing to finally talk to someone who has compassion for others!"



I'm so happy I found your website, my skin doesn't develop any reaction after prolong use. In the past I had to rotate ointments or oils even the natural and organic, I haven't found this with your products. I still have the eczema but it is a bit more bearable and less painful. 



Thank you so much! A+ customer service. :)

-Dana M.



Thank you for all of your help and support with this. You do important and good work. Thanks for being there for so many moms!! 

-Amely W.


Thanks for all you do.  My daughter is 4 with severe eczema.  There are so few reliable and trustworthy resources.  Your company is a godsend.

-Armando de la Libertad


I just received my order today and couldn't wait to use them on my son. He suffers from eczema and as you all know it breaks your heart to see your little in pain and scratching constantly. Thank you to The Eczema Company for having wonderful products that help all who suffer from eczema.
-Chrissy S.


I am very excited to try the Manuka Honey Skin Cream as I have terrible eczema on my hands and nothing I have tried to date seems to help much. Love how easy the site was to place my order. 

-Leanne C.


Thank you for great products..best of all is the customer support you provide! We ♥ Emily Diaper Soother for all over.

-Jessica H.


If you have a little one that suffers from eczema or dry skin, I highly highly suggest contacting The Eczema Company.  That’s my favorite part about the store – the customer service. [Jennifer, the owner] cares deeply about her customers and wants to truly serve them with the best advice and products.  All of the products she carries are ones that she’s tried and tested personally!

-Lindsey G.


Thank so much...your website is wonderful & I am looking forward to using the natural products on my little boy.

-Tina P.


Thank you for having such an amazing resource for mamas like me who are searching for safe solutions to treat skin conditions.

-Kristina K.


Your site is wonderful and I love the fact you are firm with your all-natural policies. A lot of people use your products and rely on you to help their babies. I know I do, so thank you for the site and for trying to help the rest of us.

-Elaine T.


I awoke this morning with gratitude in my heart for your  kindness and willingness to share and listen to all the folks out there suffering with skin conditions etc…I felt so alone 21 years ago when my first child was born and had never even heard of eczema. Anyway, just wanted to say how much I appreciate folks like you. It makes me feel better about the human species!

-Laura W.


Thank you again for everything, your company has made SUCH a difference in my daughter’s and my whole family’s lives. Truly.

-Jill P.


I have been using the Calendulis Cream on my face for about two weeks and I notice the results in two days and each day has huge improvements. I'm happy to have found a natural cream that works effectively and has no side effects.

-Allen C.


I have been using the calendulis cream for a few days and I have to say that it has worked wonderfully for my son's eczema! Nothing I have tried has ever worked so well. Along with dietary changes I feel good for my little guy! A really huge thank you for all of your help!!

-Heather F.


The creams you recommended below worked wonders for my daughter. Her eczema has not come back since.

-Kimberly W.


The [Bamboo Bubby] sleep sack is wonderful too. It does help my son a bit, but It makes my sleep better too in that I don't have to worry about him pulling his mitts off and scratching himself bloody anymore! I can't even put into words how grateful I am that you started your store to share these wonderful things with other eczema baby moms. Thank you, thank you!

-Nicole W.


Thank you so much for the Calendulis Cream...This is a miracle cream. [Son's] skin is clear...I can't believe it. No redness and it only took one application to start seeing the benefits. His skin still has some dry patches, but using plenty of moisturizer . I'm so happy and with less stress...:)

-Sandra G.


These [ScratchMeNot Mittens] are amazing - I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this product.  Our daughter at 9 months had awful eczema ... it took us 2+ months to determine that the majority of it was caused by allergies. However, she would scratch at her beautiful cheeks leaving huge gouges and never ending bleeding. I would cry and try to find a way to cover her hands using long socks ... I now put these on her in the car / at night when i can't be there to stop her from scratching. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Daniele S.


[Our doctor] suggested I purchase a WrapESoothe suit for [our son] and some of the Calendulis Cream.  He said he has seen success in regards to his patients with both these products. We are so thankful for all or your help. We are thankful to have met people like you that are willing to help us and encourage our hearts. We so need it as we are trying to care for our little one.

-Kristi G.


I am so happy with the products, the best I've found yet.

-Simona L.


Thank god for The Eczema Company!! Got my daughters silk scratch mitts (ScratchMeNot) in today to help with the eczema on her face :-)

-Dawn L.


...the ScratchMeNot mitts and the Calendulis Cream have been great tools to control my daughters eczema.

-Julia L.


I love the items we have purchased so far from the Eczema Company. I don't know what my little 8mo would have done without the Scratch Me Not mittens.

-Jenny B.


I first want to thank you for providing such great info on eczema. Also, the Calendulis Cream you sell has worked wonders for my 8 month old son's mild eczema. I recommend it to all my friends. Thanks so much again for providing such wonderful products and information! I admire you for turning your uphill battle into a company that can help people and instilling confidence in parents that they will work through it.

-Anne C.


Thanks for all your help and for the great customer service!
- Scott G.


(ScratchMeNots) have been such a life saver for us--- I am so glad I found your site.
- Michele R.


I have been really impressed by your service since your email about the Monkey Balm reformulation...I will be sharing your website with my Facebook friends and I will recommend you to anyone in need of eczema products.

- Claudia F.


Your customer service is outstanding!

- Tarynne W


I attended the NEA Conference recently and used the (Eczema Ease Balm) that you had at your display on a tiny bit of eczema that I had on my finger. I am not an eczema sufferer, but I do have an occasional outbreak of it in this one spot. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with this product...I've used various mosturizers with Ceramides and topicals on this spot and none of them worked nearly as well as this sample. Not only did it stop the itch, it has cleared the spot.

- Cheryl J.


Awesome customer service!

- Grace S.


Thank you for your wonderful product (ScratchMeNot)! It has helped so much with trying to manage my son's scratching. It's so nice to have empathetic parents helping out other parents struggling with their eczema children. I'm grateful to you for making these products available.

- F. Khan




The ScratchMeNot mittens were such a godsend once she had outgrown regular scratch mitts. It has been such a relief to know that when we put them on her (in the stroller or in bed at night) that we can trust she won't get them off and wake up bleeding! The stylish colours and patterns are fun and cheerful rather than "medical", which is wonderful as well.

As for the pants, we used them in the summer (with the scratchmenot mittens and no shirt). This kept her from using her toe nails to scratch her legs :(

Your website is great! Ordering is super easy (even from my phone!)

-Suzanne D.



...you all are awesome! Such great customer service especially with dealing with something so important as the eczema. Keep up the great work, and I will continue to let everyone know about this product (Calendulis Cream) and the great service!

-Sierra B.



Just want to thank you for bringing Manuka Skin Soothing Cream into my life! My daughter's back, which was covered in pink, dry patches, is now clear and soft like baby skin should be! Thank you!

-Gillian L.


(ScratchMeNot mittens) are keeping her hands from scratching and even has kept her from sucking her fingers. What a life saver!

-Rosalind V.


Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate your great customer service!

-Sheila H. 

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