Organic Cotton Face Mask for Adults

  • This reusable cotton face mask helps soothe sensitive skin.
  • A soft and reusable cotton face mask for facial eczema.
  • Try this reusable cotton face mask that soothes sensitive skin.
  • This washable cotton face mask is soft and soothing.
  • This reusable cotton face mask is the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin.
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Wearing a face mask when you suffer from facial eczema or mouth acne can be extremely irritating and painful. Discover these new organic cotton face masks for soft, natural protection.


This 3 layer reusable cotton face mask is made with an ergonomic design to reduce friction against irritated skin while providing a roomy fit for breathability - no mask claustrophobia! Made with soft touch organic cotton, the mask is incredibly soft against irritated skin. It also includes a polyurethane inner layer to maximize protection and minimize spreading germs to third parties.

Unlike other face masks, this white cotton face mask uses two elastic straps that secure around the head, rather than around the ears. This is especially beneficial for anyone who might be suffering from ear eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or other sensitive skin conditions.

  • 2 Organic Cotton outer layers

  • 1 Polyurethane inner layer is both waterproof and breathable.

  • Estimated durability of more than 100 washes

  • Made in Spain.

Additional Information

This organic cotton face mask for adults is intended to serve as a barrier mask to complement, not override, the protection measures and the rules of social distance, which are fundamental for the control of airborne illnesses. Additionally, these masks are not intended for use by healthcare professionals in the performance of their duties, nor are they a medical device. Thus, they do not comply with the regulation of surgical masks or individual protection equipment.


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