The Eczema Detox Book

  • Learn all about a low chemical eczema diet can help your skin thrive.
  • Considering eczema and diet together can be a game changing for internal healing.
  • The Eczema Detox Book
  • The Eczema Detox Book
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Low Chemical Eczema Diet to Heal Skin Inflammation

Did you know that eczema and diet often go hand-in-hand? Read this powerful book from Karen Fischer that shares her low chemical elimination diet for healing eczema from within. Generally, eczema sufferers tend to be sensitive to artificial chemicals and additives which are discussed deeply in this book, but Fisher also explores how natural food chemicals can also trigger eczema.

Karen Fischer is an award-winning author and nutritionist who has healed her and her infant's daughter's eczema through the methods outlined in this book. Discover her tips for finding natural relief from inflammation typically found in eczema. 

For best results, heal internally and treat topically with Wet Wrap Therapy combined with Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream or browse our natural eczema creams


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