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Why Eczema Clothes Are An Important Part of Eczema Therapy


Have you found it difficult to heal from skincare alone? Tried numerous eczema creams, ointments and balms for eczema therapy with no results or worse - ended up with an eczema flare up? Or maybe you see relief, but you are looking for more?

Have you tried an  elimination diet for eczema? (Something we strongly encourage you to speak with your physician about going as we've seen incredible long term results.) And results were good, but you know healing takes time so you need a more immediate relief in the interim?

Did you know that proper  clothing for eczema can help speed up your healing journey? 

Discover the reasons why you should try eczema clothes today.

Soothing Materials for Eczema Therapy

When looking for clothing, both as a treatment or every day clothing, it's important to take note of which materials and dyes might be used. Effective eczema clothes should use soothing materials and fibers that are both hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. It's always best to avoid clothing that contains synthetic fibers such as nylon and rayon.

Make sure to also check out the type of dyes used in the clothing. Many types of clothing (even those that are made for the eczema community) might contain chemical stamped prints or industry standard dyes that can be hurtful to eczema prone skin. Not at all what you need for eczema therapy.

Opting for eczema clothes such as those with organic cotton, biodegradable bamboo and TENCEL can be extremely beneficial for eczema. It's also important to look out for certified organic, certified pesticide-free or OEKO-TEX certified materials.

All the clothing we source is carefully chosen with fragile eczema skin in mind. Browse our full collection of gentle  eczema clothing. Or shop for babies and kids. Or for teens and adults.

Remedywear: Eczema Clothes Made for Sensitive Skin & Allergies

In our constant search for the best natural products for eczema, we are always on the look out for soft clothing for sensitive skin. We are happy to announce that we found a clothing line that is not only soft and made for sensitive skin, but also is made with a very interesting blend of fibers proven to relieve eczema [1]. 

Meet Remedywear eczema garments

Remedywear is unique as it is made with TENCEL and zinc oxide for eczema benefits. TENCEL is as soft as cotton, as breathable as linen and as smooth as silk. And zinc is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial - the triple crown for eczema.

The Remedywear eczema therapy line produces garments that are free of nylon, nickel and use allergy safe dyes. This means that whether you suffer from textile dermatitis or have an allergy to various dye chemicals or irritating materials (such as loops, fasteners or seams), your skin will be safe from possible flare ups or irritations. And allergy safe color options mean both more fun and less grungy white medical looking garments. Yay!

The benefits continue....

Overnight Relief

Healing eczema is one thing, but finding overnight relief can be almost a headache. Did you know that eczema can be more itchy at night because body levels of cortisol peak overnight? Not being able to sleep because of relentless scratching or pain can cause even more stress, which we all know - can cause eczema. Its such a vicious cycle.

For overnight eczema therapy and relief for itching, eczema clothes can be incredibly soothing if you use the right material. In fact, Remedywear's blend of TENCEL and zinc has been clinically proven [1] to reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis, reduce itchiness and improve quality of sleep when work overnight for three consecutive nights. For more information, check out these zinc and eczema benefits.

Scratch Protection

Not only do eczema clothes offer soothing results and overnight relief, but they can also act as a scratching barrier for both kids and babies. 

If you and your little one experience sleepless nights due to uncontrollable scratching, then you might want to look into covering up the body with specialty eczema clothing and as well as hands overnight to ensure they don't scratch their skin raw.  Check out our  Remedywear hand dermatitis gloves and mittens. Also, view all our carefully curated eczema mittens and gloves.

Wet and Dry Wrapping

If wearing eczema clothes alone is not providing enough relief, why not boost the results with wet wrap therapy and dry wrap therapy. These processes involve using an emollient under wet or dry clothing to help the treatment penetrate the skin faster. Note that steroids should never be used in either wet wrapping. Always consult with a doctor before adopting a new form of eczema therapy. 

When wet wrapping, TENCEL is the clear winner in terms of moisture-wicking abilities and breath-ability of fibers. And remember the benefits over cotton and silk mentioned above? Those advantages will especially beneficial when dry or wet wrapping the skin.  Another reason why we love Remedywear and you will too! Try one of our  natural eczema creams under Remedywear for skin soothing dreaminess.

Discover Remedywear

Now that you know why eczema clothes are so important for eczema therapy and you discovered the unique benefits of Remedywear, make sure to check out the full line of Remedywear to experience itch relief, scratch protection and so much more!

For Everyone

Eczema Bandages/Sleeves for Babies to Adults - long and short styles available

For Babies & Children

Baby Mittens (sizes up to 2T)

Kids Gloves (sizes up to 12)

Kids Socks (sizes up to 10)

Kids Long Sleeve Shirt (sizes up to 14)

Kids Pants (sizes up to 14)

For Teens & Adults

Adult Gloves

Adult Socks

Adult Long Sleeve Shirt

Adult Pants

Men's Boxers

Shop the full line of Remedywear clothing for eczema. New styles on the way, stay tuned!

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[1] Wiegand, 2013, Skin-protective effects of a zinc oxide-functionalized textile and its relevance for atopic dermatitis. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol; 6: 115–121. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3656...

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