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  • A great moisturizing serum with aloe vera and coconut oil for eczema.
  • Previous packaging.
  • Coconut oil and eczema, go hand-in-hand. You'll love this nourishing serum with soothing aloe vera.

Coconut Aloe Moisturizing Serum

$20.95 (You save $1.00)

    Coconut Oil for Eczema Relief

    Many people swear by coconut oil for eczema and there is no wonder why when you look at all the benefits from antibacterial qualities to being a great emollient. In fact, when coconut oil was applied topically 2x daily for 4 weeks, one study* found staphylococcal colonization decreased by 95% in patients with atopic dermatitis. But what makes this serum even more extra special is the addition of cooling, anti-inflammatory aloe vera, which works very well for both eczema, psoriasis and rosacea. Treatments with aloe have been shown to heal wounds 72 hours faster than those without aloe*.

    Try this soothing, moisturizing serum featuring coconut oil for eczema and relief can be yours.

    • Works well for eczema, psorias and rosacea
    • Stays in liquid form.
    • Vegan
    • GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher
    • No-mess spray pump
    • 2oz recyclable bottle
    • Made in the USA

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    Verallo-Rowell VM, Dillague KM, Syah-Tjundawan BS. Novel antibacterial and emollient effects of coconut and virgin olive oils in adult atopic dermatitis. Dermatitis. 2008 NovDec;19(6):308-15

    Fulton JE, Jr. The stimulation of postdermabrasion wound healing with stabilized aloe vera gel-polyethylene oxide dressing. J Dermatol Surg Oncol. 1990 May;16(5):460-7.


    Please read the full ingredient list for any known irritants or allergies. We advise trying new products only on a small patch of skin at first to make sure there is no reaction. Any natural product on the market could contain an ingredient that won’t agree with your skin. 

    Organic coconut oil, Certified Organic avocado oil, Certified Organic aloe vera, Certified Organic jojoba oil and GMO Free Vitamin E (from organic sunflowers).

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