Comfymitt Top with Eczema Mittens for Adults - 100% Organic Cotton

Cotton Comfort
  • Eczema mittens for adults - Comfymitt Top
  • Soothing cotton in scratch mitten pajama top for adults.
  • Scratch mittens pajama top in organic cotton.
  • Adult scratch mitten pajama top in 100% cotton.
  • Soothing cotton in scratch mitten pajama top for adults.
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Eczema Mittens for Adults

Sometimes getting a good night’s rest with eczema can seem almost impossible. Between the relentless scratching, burning, or pain, it can keep you up all night long.

This top with cotton mittens for adults is perfect for soothing your eczema, as well as preventing further irritation. Made with mid-weight 100% organic cotton that also provides a double layer of protection around the wrist, it’s the perfect top with cotton mittens for adults with eczema Can be worn during the day or as a dry layer when wet wrapping overnight.

  • Closed mittens.
  • Flat seams inside and out.
  • Latex free.
  • Mid-weight cotton protects skin without being too hot.
  • Double layer of protection around hands/wrists.
  • Exterior, tear-off tags.
  • Works great as a dry layer over wet wraps.

Check our clothing for adult eczema.


100% Organic Cotton. 


Care & Washing

Machine wash garments inside out on hot setting after each wearing to prevent pilling and cream/oil buildup. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry cool only.

Sizing Guide

Sizes are in centimeters.



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