Organic Calendula Lip Balm

  • Try organic calendula to soothe eczema on the lips.
  • Soothing organic calendula lip balm for eczema on the lips.
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Treat the eczema on your lips with care money-back-yoro.png

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back within 30 days of purchase.

Finally an eczema lip balm that is simple, natural and nourishing. There are only 3 ingredients in this lip eczema treatment: calendula, beeswax and vitamin E. Nothing else is needed to give your lips the moisturizing they need. Give it a try to spot treat eczema anywhere else on the body.

  • Kosher
  • GMO Free, Gluten Free
  • From a Certified Bee Friendly Farm.
  • Recyclable, BPA free container.
  • .15oz roll-up stick.
  • Made in the USA.

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Please read the full ingredient list for any known irritants or allergies. We advise trying new products only on a small patch of skin at first to make sure there is no reaction. Any natural product on the market could contain an ingredient that won’t agree with your skin.


Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Northwest Beeswax, First cold-pressed oil from olives, and Non-GMO Vitamin E.