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How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally




1. Identify & Eliminate Triggers

2. Determine If Food May Be To Blame

3. Prevent Scratching

4. Soothe With Natural Skincare

5. Wet Wrap To Lock In Moisture

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1. Identify & Eliminate Triggers

Typical irritants include, but are not limited to seasonal/environmental allergies, hot or cold, temperatures, stress, household irritants (dust mites, pets), fabric (wool, polyester etc.), harsh detergents/soaps, and fragrances/perfume. Keep a journal to document eczema flare-ups to see if they coincide with changes in stress levels, seasonal pollen, new household cleaners or skincare products, etc. 

Remove harsh laundry detergents for something more gentle that doesn't cause buildup that irritates the skin. Shop for the best laundry detergent for eczema.

Looking for safe, comforting eczema clothing? All our fabrics are natural, soft and soothing with no irritants. Shop for eczema clothing for babies and children OR find clothing for adult eczema here.


2. Determine If Food May Be To Blame

Identifying foods that trigger eczema can be a difficult task. While food allergy tests exist, they aren't 100% reliable and they will only determine if there is a true allergy present, not just a food sensitivity. The only sure way to determine if food is triggering your eczema is to undergo an elimination diet under a physician's or nutritionist's supervision. The most common eczema food triggers are dairy, gluten, soy, egg, and tree nuts. Many people also find that removing all sugar and grains can be helpful in reducing overall bodily inflammation and eczema as well.

If eliminating these foods from your diet doesn't seem to provide results, it may be worthwhile to consider The Eczema Diet or a gut healing protocol such as the one described in The Eczema Cure - Heal from the Inside Out with Real Food


3. Prevent Scratching

Healing from within can take months to years, but there is no need to suffer during that time. Covering hands and feet, especially during nighttime, can protect the skin from habitual scratching, thus allowing the skin to heal and also reducing the chances for infections as well.

Try these eczema mittens and gloves for babies to adults.

And checkout the eczema clothing we have that feature mittens which fold open and closed, great for day or night time wear.


4. Soothe With Natural Skincare

Since having eczema means your skin barrier is weakened, much of what you apply to your skin could potentially be absorbed deeper into your body and potentially into your bloodstream. In addition, consider how often you apply moisturizer to your skin. Most people with eczema apply a topical cream at least twice a day. With these two things in mind it's clear that natural skincare is the beset option for babies and adults with eczema in order to keep chemicals and toxins out of the body.

Here are our recommendations for natural skincare based on the different types of eczema flares. What does your eczema look like?

Red, Weeping Eczema

Itchy, Red, Dry Eczema

Thick, Dry, Scaly Eczema


5. Wet Wrap To Lock In Moisture

When you're in need of a quick skin fix, nothing works quite like wet wrapping. This method is based on a soak and seal the skin approach and works quickly and thoroughly, but it's not recommended for long term use. For long term use, try dry wrapping!

For detailed instructions check our our guide on wet wrap therapy for eczema.

We recommend using special wet wrap clothing as it makes the process much easier and more effective. For the top dry layer, take a look at our eczema clothing and pajamas.


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