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  • Baby eczema mittens that stop the scratching and start the healing.
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  • ScratchMeNot Mittens have been featured in many publications.
  • ScratchMeNot mittens are Parent Tested Parent Approved.
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ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves - Scratch Mittens for Babies & Children - ORIGINAL

  • Buy 3 or above and get $5.00 off

Buy 3 or more No Scratch Mittens and receive $5 off each.

These ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeves are the first step in healing your child's itchy skin. These are the best scratch mittens for babies as they prevent scratching so healing can finally take place. Don't worry about these mittens falling off or being removed by your child, these mittens actually stay on - even little Houdini's cannot get out of them!  Although these are scratch mittens for babies with eczema they are also great for preventing scratching due to post surgery stitches, chickenpox or poison ivy and for preventing chronic hair pulling, hair rubbing and to stop thumb sucking.

  • Keep mittens open for play or closed to prevent scratching.
  • Wear as a cardigan over clothing or as long sleeves under clothing. 
  • Outer mitten layer in silk to provide comfort and less friction against the skin.
  • Bamboo wicks moisture from the skin and is cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

Please see the baby scratch mittens by ScratchMeNot in 100% cotton and silk Flip Mitten Sleeve - Cotton style as well.


With arms stretched out parallel to the ground, measure from the middle of the back to the fingertips and multiply by 2. Buying a larger size than needed is only recommended if wearing over long sleeved clothing. See sizing chart pop-up under size options above.


Organic cotton, organic bamboo and Lycra body with silk outer mittens. The silk is grown without pesticides and processed without chemicals. Gentle vegetable dyes are used to color all fabric. 


Machine wash in a cold water, gentle cycle and tumble dry on a low setting. Or hand wash and line dry. Liquid detergent is preferred to preserve the silk for longer wear.

Size Chart

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  1. MUST HAVE  star rating

    Posted by Kari on Jan312017

    ScratchMeNot flip mittens have been an absolute godsend! Our little one (she's 7 months old now) has always scratched her head horribly when she's really tired. Her fingernails are razor sharp and do a real doozy on her head. I was out searching for mittens - all I could find was the newborn mittens. As we all know a 7 month old would be able to pull those off in a heart beat! I was so excited to find these and even more excited to try them. They are awesome! I'm here to buy another pair we love them so much. We use them for sleepy time every day. No more tore up little noggin' and she's a happy baby! Which makes Momma very happy too!

  2. An absolutely amazing product!  star rating

    Posted by Lauren Beach on Jan242017

    I was very blessed to stumble across these one day! My little guy suffers from severe itching/scratching habits due to eczema and we have tried every remedy under the sun and nothing seemed to curb his scratching so we decided to give the scratch me not sleeves a try and they have been absolutely fantastic! They fit right on like a little shirt and they don't bother him at all, he wears them every night and sometimes during the day for a bad itching day. We are so grateful, the silk doesn't tear up his skin!! We now own 3 different colors! I recommend these sleeves to any parent who has to suffer watching their little one who scratches!

  3. perfect solution  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Sep292016

    I love the scratch me nots! My daughter has severe atopic dermatitis and allergies. This is one of the best pieces of safe clothing I've found on the internet. The mitten part is so silky soft and the cotton fabric feels very comfortable. They are magical for car rides and bed time. They prevent her from tearing open her skin from scratching all over.

  4. Love these  star rating

    Posted by Elizabeth N on Jul212016

    These are exactly what we needed for our little "ripper". We can finally sleep at night knowing our son will not be a scratched-up mess in the morning! Makes us and him feel better!

  5. Excellent product!  star rating

    Posted by Vivian N on Jul212016

    Great design, good quality and protects my son's face. Have and will continue to recommend to friends!

  6. Pleased w/Scratch-Me-Not  star rating

    Posted by Tanya S on Jul212016

    We've had the "mittens" about 2 weeks and Ive already ordered another pair. My 2 year old wears them every night, and while we are still trying to get her eczema under control these are WONDERFUL from her waking with raw or bleeding skin from scratching while she sleeps. Highly recommned!

  7. Love the scratch me not mittens  star rating

    Posted by Leslie Hammond on Jul212016

    My 5 month old doesn't have eczema, but he has compulsively scratched his head for months leaving multiple bloody scratches. These mittens stay on and are light weight and comfortable so I don't need to worry about him hurting himself.

  8. Perfect solution for our little one (  star rating

    Posted by Amy Losew on Jul212016

    I was desperate to find some sort of hand cover for my baby to protect him from being able to scratch his face. I came across these mitten sleeves using a Google search, and decided to try them. Perfect! He can't take them off and they aren't abrasive against his skin. I will be purchasing more.

  9. These have saved our babies face!  star rating

    Posted by Erika Sepulveda on Jul212016

    I have been looking for something like this since my little boy was 3 months. He has eczema only on his cheeks and used to have to be swaddled every night and even in the car and during the day as he would scratch his face until he bled. He slept with his hands free for the first time since he was an infant and it was so beautiful to see my son so free sleeping with his hands up! These are so great I can't recommend them enough. The fact they roll up so his hands can be out while he's playing is great as well. Thank you so much this product has saved us!

  10. Worth the money  star rating

    Posted by lyming_huang on Jul212016

    My son has a really bad case of eczema and has to wear gloves at night. All other gloves fall off, and even when they don't he can still do a lot damage. We woke up on too many nights to see his poor little face bleeding.
    Scratch me nots not only stay on but really limit what he can do when scratching. Well worth the money!

  11. Good  star rating

    Posted by mmeeooww on Jul212016

    Material is soft, cool and it does reduce the impact when the kids scratch! Good!

  12. this works well for my son  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on May172016

    I was a little bit nervous that he would not be cool with having his hands restricted at 20 months -- he absolutely HATED to be swaddled. But, he took to the sleeve immediately. He still manages to scratch other times of day; but, I'm confident that he is safely prevented from doing so at night. A great solution to real issue. Really glad I found this product.

  13. really helpful for my son with eczema  star rating

    Posted by Linda on May152016

    we bought several sleeves a couple years ago for my son who has a lot of food allergies and pretty bad eczema as a result. it really helped him to wear these sleeves at night. now we have bought a new set of sleeves at a larger size. they are great!

  14. Great for special needs  star rating

    Posted by Alison on Mar202016

    My son has cp and has sensory issues. He bites his hands often without even thinking about it and doesn't feel the pain. The back of his hands became chapped and split. My husband and I tried everything. He could pull gloves off, bandages became choking hazards. I bought one of these and it worked perfect! I bought two more so I always have a clean one handy. When I'm with him I have the sleeve open so he can play, when I step away, in the car or at night, I cover up his hands so he isn't able to bite. I've noticed he's starting to get out of the habit of biting since we started using it.

  15. Life-savor!!  star rating

    Posted by Jane on Feb262016

    After trying so many difference brands of skin moisturizers and prescribed cream, nothing really worked for my baby's irritated and oozing skins. Couple nights using this "magic" and silky sleeves, my baby's skin got the resting time to heal and recovery. I strongly recommended all parents who have baby that scratches get this sleeves, pricy but definitely worth it! (Throw all those cotton mittens that are easily lost or even irritate more). I paired the sleeves with the Organic Manuka Honey Skin Cream, absolutely amazing effort!

  16. awesome  star rating

    Posted by Traci on Jan312016

    It is helping my granddaughters face clear up. We have tried everything and this has helped tremendously

  17. Has made our life a lot easier  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jan202016

    Our baby started having severely itchy eczema when he was six months old. We could not leave him unsupervised or he would rip his face. Naps and night time were particularly stressful and I was not sleeping anymore. We were so lucky to discover this product. It changed everything for us. I cannot describe the peace of mind from knowing that even if he suddenly feels very itchy and starts scratching, his skin will not break. Now that he's 18 months, his eczema is a lot better, but he still sleeps with his Scratch Me Not mitts, which means we all sleep much better... :)

  18. so helpful for TSW  star rating

    Posted by Lizzy on Jan182016

    My 19 mo old son is going through the long, painfully hard journey of TSW right now and the eczema on his face and neck are the worst. To have a product that actually helps save his skin from the gashes and trauma he can cause during naps and at night is a big weight off my shoulders. The silk is a soft natural fabric that doesn't aggravate if he does rub it against his face. He can't get out of the mittens like he can the double layer of socks we put on his hands before. I have ordered a second pair and hope there is not a need for this fabulous product later in his life.

  19. Helps great through the night  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Dec62015

    I love that these help my baby get relief overnight. He is unable to dig into his face with his nails, which is great! The only thing I don't like is how quickly the silk gets dirty from him still trying to itch and rubbing off creams and ointments. Make sure you order more than one because you'll need to wash one each day. :)

  20. well designed!  star rating

    Posted by tara on Nov182015

    We ordered a pair of these and are so hapoy with them! I wish we had tried them sooner! They're very well designed. They are similar to a shrug. They cannot be removed by our clever, itchy 1 year old! I like that they cam be worn open and easily closed when she starts getting itchy. The silk on the mitten part is so soft! We plan to buy a few more pairs!

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