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  • The eczema suits make an excellent wet wrap treatment for eczema in children.
  • An effective treatment for eczema in children.
  • WrapESoothe is proud to have received the National Eczema Association's seal of acceptance.
  • Keep mittens open or fold closed to protect the scratching of itchy skin.
  • Wet wrap therapy works wonders on baby eczema.

WrapESoothe Eczema Suit - Wet Wrap Treatment for Kids -Up to 3 years

  • Buy 2 or above and get $12.00 off

The WrapESoothe™ Eczema Suit by AD Rescuewear was carefully designed as a wet wrap treatment for eczema in children. This suit makes it a snap to dress your baby or child for dry or wet wrapping.  Regular cotton garments can become stiff, baggy and uncomfortable to put on wet. The WrapESoothe™ Eczema Suit is made with flat seams and soft, stretchy fabric, making it easy to wet wrap your child and in turn heal and soothe itchy skin. The fabric stays soft and remains close to your child’s skin, making the suit more comfortable, especially with the non-irritating flat seams. Can be worn under regular clothing. Worn wet or dry, these eczema wraps will offer relief from itchy skin for young children to adults. Ideal for dry or wet wrapping elbows, forearms, upper arms, behind the the knees, calves, and thighs.

  • Attached mittens can be opened or closed to prevent scratching.
  • Suit offers full body coverage.
  • Flat seams and a flat fully lined zipper protect the skin from irritation.
  • Fabric is breathable, extra soft, and smooth with a 4-way stretch.
  • Proud recipient of National Eczema Association's Seal of Acceptance.
  • Made in the USA.

Learn more about wet wrap therapy for eczema.

When wet wrapping with the WrapESoothe Suit try our 100% organic One-Piece Footed Pajamas as the top dry layer. 

Take a look at the full line of AD RescueWear Wet Wraps: sleeves for adults and children as well as tops and bottoms for kids.


Insurance companies and Medicaid will not cover eczema "clothing" but WrapESoothe garments are classified as class 1 medical devices in the DME (durable medical equipment) category registered with the FDA and may be eligible for reimbursement via insurance. We cannot guarantee insurance coverage, so please work with your insurance company to determine eligibility. 

You may access our insurance form examples here:

*Insurance Request Form*



94% TENCEL/6% Spandex.

TENCEL is a fully sustainable fiber made from eucalyptus wood. The fiber and the manufacturing process have been awarded multiple environmental awards such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, proving the fiber is free of hazardous chemicals. The TENCEL fiber is smoother and more breathable than cotton, with excellent cooling and thermo-regulating properties.  Independant studies have shown that the unique fiber minimizes the growth of bacteria on the fabric compared to other similar fabrics such as cotton or wool. 

Care & Washing

These suits are designed for wet and dry wrap therapy and are made from lightweight material specifically for effective therapy and to be comfortable under another layer of clothing.

For wet wrap therapy, they were designed to be worn under another layer of clothing and to replace gauze.
For dry wrap therapy, to maintain the quality of the suit, please cover the delicate fabric with socks, regular clothing or pajamas.  

Machine wash warm on gentle cycle. For best results, hand wash or use a gentle wash with a delicates mesh bag and wash the garment inside out. Lay flat to dry.

Size Chart

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  1. Wet suit  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Nov142016

    Honestly I did not see a difference , baby still does not sleep, and still scratches. After about the 4th wear, it had a hole in it., don't think it was worth it. [Response from The Eczema Company: We're sorry that you weren't happy with the suit. We usually have great results with it. But not every treatment is right for everyone unfortunately. The suit shouldn't develop any holes however, so please contact us so we can help you with this. admin@eczemacompany.com. Thank you.]

  2. Great product  star rating

    Posted by Jessica Louise Strong on Oct262016

    This suit has made a huge difference for my 18 month old. She wears it at night and sleeps much better - it has significantly reduced her scratching! I would highly recommend this for any child suffering from severe eczema.

  3. Helps alot  star rating

    Posted by Aneiki on Jul212016

    It helps alot

  4. Life Changing!  star rating

    Posted by Bridgette on Mar312016

    My son's first eczema flare up happened four months ago. Since then, we have not slept for more than two hours at a time at night. The first night he wore his wet suit , he slept for 6 hours straight! We've used the suit for almost two weeks now. We go two days with it on, two days off. He definitely sleeps better and is a happier baby. We are also happier and well rested parents on those days. His skin still has dry patches, but the redness has reduced significantly. We usually handwash the suit every two-three uses and always hang dry it. Before putting the suit on, we lather him up in either Eucerin or Aquaphor. I will be placing another order soon just because the material is thin and we don't want it to wear out. The price is high, but my baby's comfort and happiness is definitely worth it!!!

  5. Prevents scratching and keeps skin soft  star rating

    Posted by tara on Nov12015

    We had never tried wet wrapping but decided that we'd order this suit to see if it would help our 10 month old sleep and it really did! She was really agitated thr first night she wore it because it prevented her from scratching so we took it off after about 3 hours. However, the next night, we pit it back on ans she didn't attempt to scratch. Amazing! We wear it on her almost every night, either wet or dry, and it works so well to keep her from scratching. It helps her skin to feel softer and smoother. We plan to order another suit soon along with some sleeves! We've only had it a few weeks and it seems that it will wear out quickly because the material is quite thin.

  6. Easy To Use  star rating

    Posted by Whitehead on Aug132015

    I was having to buy expense guages and tape. It was taking almost an hour to grease up and then wrap, now it only takes about 15 minutes.

  7. I wish I would have purchased this two years ago!  star rating

    Posted by Kat Kalbach on Aug112015

    We purchased this product after our Allergist suggested wet wraps for our daughter's eczema-we have tried nearly everything but refuse to use steroids. I was a little put off by the price but it has been the best $100 I have spent on an eczema product, to date. It keeps her skin hydrated and prevents her from itching during the night-which has always been a problem. Her skin looks significantly better since she started wearing this to bed nightly. The material feels high in quality, is light and she loves wearing it. We love it so much we are really considering spending the money on another one!

  8. Statisfactory  star rating

    Posted by Mario on May282015

    Our son really likes the suit, it gives him much needed relief overnight, and that is most important. Material quality is also good, but I expected it to be somewhat thicker. And the price should be little bit lower. Overall 4/5

  9. cold and difficult to put on  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Mar122015

    This is very difficult to put on and it is more for a warmer region,by the time it's put on
    It already cooled down so much that's so cold when putting the dry clothing on top and
    not comfy for baby, also the zipper is short, makes diaper changes very hard
    [Response from The Eczema Company: We're so sorry that you find the suit not warm enough in cold weather. Is it possible to heat up a room in one house where the child will wear the suit? Another option is to allow the child to wear a warm blanket on top of the dry layer of clothing that is worn over the wrapesoothe suit. As far as the zipper, it only extends to the bottom of the diaper area to provide less irritation to the leg where some zippers extend to for other baby garments.]

  10. I wish I could give this 10 stars!!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jun262014

    This suit is amazing!! Its so soft and stretchy and perfect for doing wet wraps. It has kept its shape very well after quite a few washes. I even put this on my baby while he's outside in the summer heat to keep him cool since it keep him from scratching.

  11. Awesome!  star rating

    Posted by Franklin Godfrey on Jun252014

    Great Product and it helped calm the inflammation.

  12. Awsome Product  star rating

    Posted by su n on Jun252014

    This body suit has made a huge difference at controlling my daughter's eczema. I cut down on the use of medications because of this. My daughter can finally wear shorts during the summer.

  13. Great!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Nov82013

    We used this on our 10 month old and it truly helped calm the inflammation. We bought one size up to allow for growth, but in hindsight, I'd probably go with the one that fit her right now since it's a bit long and the zipper bunches up at the top as a result (irritates her skin and face, as she sleeps on her tummy). Definitely worth the money!!

    We also purchased the sleeves to use on her arms and legs.

  14. life saver  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Sep202013

    After months of being up all night with my scratching little guy and exhausting all lotions, potions, soaps, and medications we found this suit and it saved our lives. He wore it damp for each night for two weeks and has worn it dry almost every night for the last year. His skin has improved dramatically. This is why I was so disappointed to see the extreme raise in price. It is now going to cost us more than 400 dollars to sleep at night! The price jump prompted us to try nights without the suit but as soon as the cold weather and dry air came we're back to sleepless, itchy nights. We're having to borrow money from family just to dress our son. I hope the price increase is not simply greed related.

    [Comment from The Eczema Company] We're thrilled your son was able to find relief with the WrapESoothe suit and I do hope to assure you that the price increase had nothing to do with greed. The company, AD RescueWear was started by a parent with a child who suffers with eczema, food and other allergies and asthma. She started the business a year ago and greatly underestimated the costs associated with manufacturing a medical product such as this. It was a very difficult decision for her to to raise prices as she is fully aware of how much it can cost to take care of a child with multiple medical issues. But, she also knew that without products such as WrapESoothe, many parents would not have success with or may not have even had the opportunity to try wet wrap therapy. Many parents, herself included, tried different treatments that were expensive and didn't offer the same results as wet wrapping, which can be frustrating for parents and child. This suit is a reusable product that has great results and in many cases has prevented the use of steroids and more expensive treatments or hospitalizations. We do apologize for the price increase. However, we are merely selling the garments at the new required retail price, and although the increase was very unexpected for us as well, we believe the WrapESoothe suit is worth the price as it not only provides excellent results, but offers peace of mind for parents as they see their little one experiencing relief.

  15. Easy to use  star rating

    Posted by Jewel on Jul242013

    So easy to use, wash and wear. Just what you need when your little one is crying in pain, yet struggling to get away and play. Highly recommend this item.

  16. This Product Really Works!  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jul172013

    I’ll admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got the WrapESoothe Suit in the mail. I’d beforehand try my own method of wet wrapping using one pair of my sons pajama on top of the other. And that only kinda sort worked because the pajamas weren’t as skin tight, the cotton PJ’s became loose and baggy and didn’t work as effectively as it should have. The suit from AD Rescuewear is made with flat seam technology and soft, stretchy fabric, which has made apply this to my child easy and quick.

    Our routine in using the suit is pretty simple. If he seems to be having a flare up or itchy at all, we opt for him to wear the suit under his footed pjs for the night. We typically start with an evening bath, gently pat him dry, apply a healing balm (Vaniply Ointment Skin Protectant 2.5 Oz), wet the suit in warm running water and squeeze it out, slip the suit on, and slide his pj’s over the suit. My son doesn’t mind wearing the WrapESoothe Suit it in the least bit. We’ve actually dubbed it his healing suit. When he’s itchy, he often asks for his “Super Suit”, which is pretty cute and right on.

    After an evening bath is a great time for us to use the suit but we’ve also used the suit on a two hour car trip during a warm time of the day. Something about being in the sun and in his car seat, always seems to set off his eczema but when he’s wearing this suit, he’s got no issues at all. We’ve seen real results using the Vaniply ointment and the WrapESoothe Suit together.

    I can’t say more than enough good things about this product. This Eczema treatment has gotten my son to the point were he can actually comfortably wear short sleeved shirts and shorts again, something we didn’t think would happen all Summer season.

    And another thing is that I could only get his irritated skin better by using steroids but the good news since using the wet wrap suit is that I haven’t had to use that medication in months. It’s been a Godsend.

  17. Great Product  star rating

    Posted by Tiffany on May142013

    We're struggling with figuring out a way to control my 6 month old's eczema. He'd wake every night with new sores from where he had scratched through at night. So far, he has seemed much less "itchy" with this product, and it keeps his hands wrapped well, unlike gloves or socks which he was able to take off at night. We still don't have his eczema under control, but while we search for a way to manage his severe skin problems, this product is a life saver.

  18. Like it  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jan232013

    I have 2 of these suits. I really like how soft the material is for my son. His skin improves while wearing the suit because he is protected. The suit is super thin and the feet wear out really easy, which I wish it would last a little longer.

  19. Second skin and excellent wrap for my itchy son  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on Jan152013

    I ordered two of these suits, and have tried them for a couple of months. I've found them to be excellent for managing my son's scratching, and minimizing irritation. The fabric is super soft, and fits like a glove. When he tries to scratch, he isn't able to rub the fabric so much against his skin. I use them in addition to the cotton onesies and pants (with the fold over hand covers) so he actually has two layers. I wash the outfits with soapnuts, as a gentle non-allergenic detergent. We do have some difficulty in the ease it takes to change his diapers, and the stitching at his ankles is a but tight and rubs against that spot and irritates it a little there. Also, because the fabric is so soft and a bit delicate, and because he wears one all the time like underwear it can wear out easily, so it's better to put something on top and slippers are helpful. I love them, and the nice thing is that he loves them too, and calls them his astronaut suits :) I'm planning to order at least two more!

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